How Not to Get Ripped Off by Mature Dating Sites

Let’s face it, man. The moment you see the word “free” on the internet is the moment you start to fucking worry about being scammed. I don’t want to sound like some sort of cynical asshole, but this is the truth. I mean, hey, you’re reading this and you’re a grown up man. Seriously.

Your balls have descended, you have hair around your pubic area, you have hair on your under arms and you have an adam’s apple. I would like to say that, as part of that physical maturity, you are also mentally matured to understand that there is no such thing as free.

I know politicians love to talk a big game. A lot of politicians love to appeal to people’s need for “something for nothing.” Unfortunately, those politicians are as real as a three dollar bill. You need to understand that there is no such thing as “free” in life. The free lunch has yet to be invented.

I know that probably brought tears to your eyes, but I’m just giving you straight talk. I’d rather tell you the truth than to see you go out there with the stars in your eyes and get crushed by the fucking iron wheels of life. That’s reality. Usually there is no such thing as free, except free cougar dating

So when you go to look for milf pussy online and come across free milf sites, you might have all these amazing images in your head of sticking your dick into as many different milf pussies as possible. Well, you’re more than welcome to think those thoughts, but believe me, the chances of that happening are rare if you don’t play the free milf dating game right.

Now I’m not saying that all free milf sites are complete and total rip-offs. I’m not saying that free milf sites, as a rule, are a total and complete waste of time. I’m not making that claim. Nobody can be bold enough to make that claim because making such a claim is foolish. There are free milf sites out there that are worth joining. The big project here is to avoid the bogus sites.

So how do you avoid getting scammed or ripped off by free milf sites? First, look for fake profiles. Once you see a porn star profile, get the fuck out of there. That website is just going to jerk you around. It’s not going to deliver the goods.

Second, when you join and you automatically get messaged by all these hot women, that site is bullshit. Get the hell out of there.

 How Not to Get Ripped Off by Mature Dating Sites from Sexy Women  gallery

Finally, when you join and you start messaging with chicks, make sure that they talk like real chicks. If it seems like the English sounds like it is coming from the third world, get the hell out of there. It’s probably some dude trying to trick you into buying all sorts of bullshit or clicking on an ad or some other worthless crap. You joined free milf sites to fuck milfs. Keep it at that level.

How Not to Get Ripped Off by Mature Dating Sites from Sexy Women  gallery
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